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Wiring Info

Wiring Funds for Closing

HB Title, Inc. requires funds be posted to our bank account prior to finalizing your closing. To assure your funds reach us in time for your closing, please initiate your wire at least one day in advance. Please be sure to consider bank and Federal Reserve processing time and any time zone differences.

Due to the increase in wire fraud and imposter spear-phishing email - ‘hacking,’ wiring instructions will be emailed to you via secure email prior to closing.  Please do not act on emailed wiring instructions alone.  Once our wiring instructions are received, please call your closer at a previously known contact number to verify wiring instructions. Should you receive any change to our wiring instructions, by phone or email, notify us immediately at a previously used telephone number. 

HB Title, Inc. cannot accept ACH transfers, online transfers or over-the-counter transactions.  Transfers by these methods are automatically rejected by our bank.  

Sellers, for your protection, if you are selling your property and would like your sale proceeds wired to your account, please do not email your account information to us unless you are able to do so via secure email.  Please be advised, your closer will need to verify your written instructions verbally before initiating your wire transfer.

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